A Raven On The Golf Course

I snapped this photo of a raven on Treetops Rick Smith Signature Course in Gaylord, Michigan. One of the things I enjoy about playing golf is the variety of wildlife that I see. In my golf travels, I’ve spotted small birds without number, bald eagles, hawks, sandhill cranes, heron, osprey, turkey, deer (multitudes of deer), fox, raccoon, whistle-pigs, skunk, porcupines, painted turtles, snapping turtles, various species of snakes, lots of lizards in southern climes, a bear (sadly, I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough), hedgehogs (in Morocco), and a bobcat. Sadly, in spite of several rounds in South Carolina and Florida, I have yet to spot an alligator.

Ravens are one some forty species that make up the genus Corvus, which include jackdaws, crows and ravens. Ravens can be distinguished from a common crow by its larger size, the length of its beak, nasal feathers, shaggy neck feathers and wedge shaped tails. Ravens are impressive birds, in my estimation.

These big corvids are actually quite common in Michigan’s northern climes. Unlike crows, however, you seldom see them in flocks.

I have long felt an affinity for crows and ravens. They are wickedly smart, and frankly are one of the few species of bird whose calls I actually can hear. I’m also a huge fan of Edgar Allen Poe and his poem, The Raven.

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