RE/MAX World Women’s Long Drive Championship Won By Transgender


It has to be one of the strangest golf stories of the year. The women’s RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship was won this year by a woman who at one point was a 245 pound male SWAT cop.

She won with a 245 yard drive into a 40 mph headwind.

It’s all apparently permissible under the rules. In spite of what you’d think, Lana Lawless performs under the standards for a normal female.

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1 thought on “RE/MAX World Women’s Long Drive Championship Won By Transgender”

  1. Ok, forgoing the fairness of letting a person with XY chromosomes compete in a women’s event for the moment-

    How do you proceed with a long drive championsip with winds of 40mph.  Was this a contant 40mph headwind for all contestants?  Today my group played in winds gusting up to about 40 mph, with sustained winds of about 20mph at times.  (there were at least 5 putts today where I looked down onto a ball which was wobbling in the wind).  Rarely could we count on what the wind was doing though, and it could change angles within a few moments as well.

    I think Re/Max had a lot of unfairness going on in this event.


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