Recovering From A Golf Layoff

I have not played much golf in the past two weeks. First, several days were consumed with preparation for Boy Scout camp, Then there was camp itself—involving some 14 miles of hiking each day. Finally, there has been several days of equipment cleaning and of picking up the pieces of everything that was left undone while I was away.

When I finally got out these past two days to play a quick nine, I discovered (perhaps not unexpectedly) that my game was in shambles. Gone was the excellent grove that I had found just before the trip. Now, instead of smoothly stroking drives down the middle, I’ve got a massive, high flying hook. Instead of taking an eight iron from 150 and worrying that it might have been too much, I’m falling short with a six iron. Only my pitching, chipping and putting has survived.

And, of course, after camp, I’m in peak walking condition. There’s not a course that I’ve ever played that would present even the slightest challenge to my legs at this point.

It is disappointing just how quickly I lose my feel for the game. I understand being rusty after a six month winter’s layoff … but ten days?

Golf is certainly not like riding a bicycle.

My only consolation is that even the best get out of sync after a layoff. In his first week back from a three month layoff, Tiger Woods missed the cut at Congressional. Granted that his worse is far ahead of my best, but proportionally, the principle still is the same.

If there’s any upside to this, it is that I now have an excuse to play more golf.

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1 thought on “Recovering From A Golf Layoff”

  1. I always find that when I’m a bit wayward off the tee after a lay off, that choking up a bit helps get things back on track.

    As to the irons being short, no biggie club up and be smooth at 1/2 to 3/4 swing until the pureness returns.  smile


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