Regripping Your Golf Clubs

The weather here in Michigan is supposed to warm up to 50 in the next couple of days. That’s good enough for me. So my project tonight is to regrip my clubs. I regrip a couple of times a year just to keep them fresh. The grip is your only connection between between you and the clubs, so if you can’t remember when you last regripped, do it now.

Regripping is easy if you use rubber slip on grips.
1) Cut off the old grips with a utility knife.
2) Strip off the old tape. Use a hair dryer to melt the glue if the tape is stubborn.
3) Get some double sided grip tape from Golfsmith or Golfworks.
4) Secure the club in a vice with soft rubber clamps. You can get ones designed for golf clubs from Golfworks or Golfsmith.
5) Apply the tape: There are two ways to do this: You can start at the lower end of where the grip would be by running it in a spiral pattern up the shaft. Or, you can run it lengthwise up one side of the butt and down the other. Peel the backing off the tape so teh stick side is revealed.
6) Put another small strip over the hole on the butt.
7) Put something to catch the mineral spirits under the butt end. I use an aluminum paint tray for paint rollers.
8) Pour some mineral spirits into the grip while holding your finger over the hole at the bottom. Slosh the spirits around inside the grip.
9) Pour the spirits over the tape. Add a little bit more of the spirits until the glue on the tape is slick.
10) Push the grip onto the shart.
11) Most grips have a couple of little marks at the top and bottom ends to help with alighment. Make sure that these align with each other. Otherwise, the grip might be slightly twised, which may affect your swing.
12) You can put the logo up (I do), or down (as most pros do). Just make sure that the marks line up parallel to the shaft.

11 thoughts on “Regripping Your Golf Clubs”

  1. I need to regrip my Goldwin clubs which have extremely thin grips over an extremely large shaft. Goldwin is no longer in business.

    Any ideas—most regrippers say that ordinary grips don’t fit.

  2. I just ordered 13 club grips and 1 putter grip to regrip my clubs prior to a Myrtle Beach outing.  My question is I have not found any info on how to verify the club face is at 12 o/c in the vice so the grip will align.  This eems very imprtant on the putter flat grip but also important on the round grips since they have treatment for non-slip surfaces where your hands/thumb contact.  Any hints other than eye align?

  3. I’ve always done it by eyeballing it and have always had good results. But, a buddy of mine does it with one of those dime store laser pointers. He aligns the laser across teh clubrace and down the shaft and has his wife mark the points on the shaft with a sharpie.

  4. Does anyone have an idea where i can find an article showing me how to repair the whipping on my old hickory shaft putter?? It seems the UK has lost the ability to do this!

  5. I am regripping a graphite shafted Yonex 3 wood and am having trouble getting the grip started over the large end of the shaft. It is a lot larger than any of the metal shafts I have regripped before. The slippery state of the grip and the taped shaft make it difficult to get it started, any tips.

  6. Thanks for the reply and advice. I had regripped many clubs but this extra thick shaft had me stumped for a while. I eventually managed it when my fingers were dry as once any solvent and glue gets on them it becomes impossible. I didn’t think the grip would stretch as far as it did and the tool from Golfsmiths would have been a big help. Now I see how the pros do it.


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