Resolve To Walk More

New Year’s Resolution #1: Resolve To Walk More.

Golf is meant to be a walking game. It’s decent exercise, and you’ll actually play better for doing so. There’s nothing like feeling the earth beneath your feet to get a handle on yardages, angles and the firmness of the ground. But walking doesn’t mean straining your back—you can do it with ease with a push or pull cart. I use and highly recommend the Sun Mountain Speed Cart. To paraphrase Chili Palmer: “It’s the Cadillac of Golf Carts.”

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4 thoughts on “Resolve To Walk More”

  1. Got it and love it.

    I was living in texas when I got mine.  In west texas there are alot of mesquite bushes.  And by bushes I mean as large as some medium size trees in other states.

    Well, those spikes make a heck-uva nasty hole in those tires.  Sun Mountain sent me an entire set of tubes for free, and suggested I add that green goo to the tubes.

    I did one better and went to the local bike shop and purchased the tubes from them for thicker tubes.

    Any way – I love mine – and don’t know how I ever managed without one.

  2. I bought the Bagboy LS model, which has all 3 tires are removable very easily.  I have a convertible Mustang, so trunk storage is a premium.  The only way I could fit a cart bag and cart in the trunk is if the cart folded completely flat and the tires could be removed. 

    I like the Speed cart hand brake much better.  As far as tires, that is a major difference too, the bagboy has solid rubber tires, which are nice, but probably not as nice as speed cart (although they don’t go flat!).

    Also the Bagboy LS model barely stays upright when the bag is not on the cart—just bumping it will send the handle to the ground and the front wheel into the air.


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