Return of the Blimp

imageHere in Ann Arbor, the return of the Goodyear blimps is a sure sign that college football is returning, and with it cooler weather and the waning weeks of the golf season.

We saw the Goodyear blimp today. One was gliding over the club where—rather than playing—I spent the afternoon poolside, watching the boys swim. It was too cool today for Dad to hit the water, but boys somehow seem immune. They spent hours in water that would have turned me into a popsicle. I didn’t mind, however, because I managed to get a great deal of reading done, working through the newspaper, finishing Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, and starting another fantasy novel called The Name of the Wind.

While I often will play golf until the snow flies, and enjoy fall as much as any season, the end of each summer comes with some sadness. Fall means a return to work and reducing my playing time to quick nines after school. And with the seemingly endless (and pointless, but state mandated) after school teacher’s meetings and in-services, I never get out as often as I might like.

So my last two weeks of summer will be filled with the usual gorging on golf. I’ll play five days a week, rain or shine until I can’t bear to pick up the clubs again.

And then I’ll play a some more.

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