Revenge of the Golf Gods

After two days of relatively benign weather, I turned on the television to the Open Championship this morning to see that the heavens have opened up on the field. Players are in their weatherproofs, wearing two gloves, and generally looking like they are suffering.

All but Tom Watson, that is. He’s one under through seven. Everyone else is adding multiple strokes to their numbers.

I love the Open Championship. The landscapes, the weather, the unpredictability. It’s my favorite of the Majors.

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2 thoughts on “Revenge of the Golf Gods”

  1. I think the open championship is golf the way it was suppose to be played. The courses over there have basically been untouched by man. They are originals and I feel that is what makes it so special. Also golfers have to hit all types of shot. Bump and run, difficult sand and trouble shots with varying types of weather. It is exciting.

  2. The uncertain quick changes in weather are part of the mystique of the Open.And I love how the players trudge through it….a common man’s game, played in everyday weather.


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