Reviews of Michigan Courses

The fifth at Black Lake is a 235 yard par 3.
The fifth at Black Lake is a 235 yard par 3.

Michigan boasts an incredible wealth of top quality golf courses, and I’m on a mission to play and review as many as possible. At this point, I’ve reviewed some 90 (List updated to 138) Michigan golf courses. You can see the entire list of Michigan Golf Course Reviews below:

All of the Michigan golf course reviews are from the perspective of a bogey golfer, and I place a premium on fun. I love courses that make you think a bit, and that don’t rely solely on length for their defense.  Also important to me is the ability to walk the course. I have found few courses where walking really was not practical. Too often, I believe, courses ban walking to pick up extra profits from the carts. Finally, I look for value. A course that sets a high bar by claiming “championship” status and charging a premium price had better be very good. A course that offers good golf at a bargain price gets good marks for meeting or exceeding their own standards.

Reviews are based on my impressions of the course on the day(s) I played, and it should be noted that conditions and on occasion even the layout may have changed since I played.

and a few not in Michigan:

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