Rick Smith Says Northern Michigan Is “Magical”

Renowned instructor Rick Smith is saying what we here in Michigan have know all along: Northern Michigan golf is “magical.”

“We have a great golf mecca and we have to keep getting out the word,” Smith said. “We are this hidden gem. It is one of the best playgrounds for golf. We have long summer days and a perfect climate.”

He not only touts golf during his travels, but many of the other activities that make Northern Michigan a four-season wonderland for visitors.

“I talk about the blue-ribbon trout streams, the elk, the natural beauty, the lakes, the weather, the stars in the evening,” Smith said. “And it is a great place to learn how to ski. Snowboarding is huge and you can go mountain biking. Being outdoors in the summer or winter just doesn’t get any better (than Northern Michigan). It’s a resort destination that we want people to enjoy.”

Yeah. I’m a homer. But it really is Northern Michigan golf that made me fall in love with the game.

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