Rickie Fowler Pays Tribute To Payne Stewart


This is a very classy gesture from Rick Fowler.

Note: I’m of the considered opinion that Mr. Fowler should drop the “ie”.

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4 thoughts on “Rickie Fowler Pays Tribute To Payne Stewart”

  1. This picture is a great example the even in all of our imperfections – we have the God Given gifts and ability to leave a lasting impact on people should you so choose to do so! The good Lord never makes mistakes and I believe Payne is smiling down on all of God’s Glory! Way to go Rickie – Way to go!

  2. Just saw RickIE last weekend, and my daughter got him to sign a Pinehurst flag.  Noticed at the Memphis tournament was even more boys than last year with the orange Puma hats and some with Orange on Orange outfits.

    I wonder how many kids are now off to buy knickers.

  3. I just think RickIE is a kid’s name. It was fine when he was a mop headed refugee from a boy band. Now he’s a young man with an increasingly serious golf resume.

    If I were his PR guy, I’d work on getting rid of the IE.

  4. I don’t know.  There are a lot of Ricks.  And there is Ricky Barnes.  But there is only one RickIE. 

    When you need something to individualize yourself, Rickie seems fine, especially with some others named Boo, Bubba, & Tiger. 

    Although I have to say, if he wanted to rename himself Dick Fowler, P.I., that wouldn’t be awful.  smile


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