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I just recently built a set of shafts with Rifle Tour Flighted 5.0 shafts and after a couple of rounds, I am a believer.

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first. Royal Precision promised “more efficient” energy transfer and soft feel. At the same time, the long irons were supposed to fly higher and the short irons a little lower.

Sounded too good to be true. But I don’t it is. The shafts on my other set are Dynalite Gold w Sensicore. I liked the Sensicore because of the dampening effect on off-center hits. I am sure that I am hitting just as many off center as with my old set; I don’t feel them any more than I did with the Sensicore.

As for ball flight, the promise also holds true. I always hit my long irons a little too low, and my short irons way too high. Both tendencies have, to a certain extent, corrected themselves.

The other advantage of the Rifles is that they are properly balanced. The clubs did not require any additional weighting or other trickery to bring them all to a D2 – D2.5 swingweight.

All, in all, a good thing.

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  1. I have been using Rifle shafts for years now and have been very happy with them. I am also 52 years old, a 3.0 handicap, and I notice that I am starting to lose some flexibility and distance. I am looking to order a new set of Mizuno irons within the next couple weeks, and I would appreciate your technical opinions and responses to my inquiries below. I understand that you have not seen me swing a club so I am looking for a discussion from your standpoint based on design and performance characteristics, etc., and your experiences in dealing with both tour players and amateurs.

    I currently use the Flighted Rifle shafts. I noted on your web site that you have the Rifle Project X shafts and also a Flighted Rifle Project X shafts. I would appreciate your explaining the differences between these three models from a performance standpoint. In particular, which shaft would give me the best performance from a standpoint of ball flight, consistency, feedback, etc.
    Can you explain the technical and performance differences between the 5.0 and 5.5 frequencies in each of the above shafts?
    In your opinion, would I gain swing speed and distance by switching to a 5.0 shaft?
    In your opinion, would I lose anything by choosing a 5.0 shaft vs. a 5.5 shaft? (Note: My 6 iron swing speed is between 75 and 80 MPH and my 6 iron carry distance on the course is between 160 and 170 yards, depending on conditions. Also, note that I am looking to produce more distance with my irons, high trajectory with my long and mid irons [2 through 6 irons], and mid/high trajectory with my scoring irons [7 through PW], without sacrificing control and consistency.).

    I am also interested in trying the Rifle Spinner Wedge Shaft in my Gap and Sand wedges. Can you give me some particulars of the design characteristics and performance specifications of this shaft? Since I am now playing Rifle shafts, would it make sense to use this wedge shaft to be consistent throughout my set? What would you say are the main differences between this shaft and the True temper Dynamic Gold Wedge Shaft?

    As always, your assistance and cooperation is appreciated. Thanks for your consideration.

    Michael J. Gross

    Princeton, NJ

  2. I too am interested in answers to the questions posted by Michael J. Gross from Princeton, N.J. pm 10/23/07.  Where can I find the answers?  Thankd.

  3. Is there any answer to Mikes question please and Amos reply – I would like to know the result but cant find it on the website?

  4. Just so you guys know, I’m not a technical expert on the aspects of the Rifle shafts, but have some unique insight because of my “weird” set up in my clubs.  A little background, I am a 36 year old with a 5.5 index (keeping in mind my index is based on playing consistently from the tips at every course.  I don’t cheat in a mid tee on long courses to keep the score low)

    I play Hogan clubs with varying shaft designs.  Driver swing speed is averages 113-115 mph with a Xstiff Aldila shaft.  I have the Hogan 4 (stiff) flex in my 2-6 irons which would relate to a Rifle 5.5.  My 6-iron swing averages about 85mph with a 185 yd carry.  From there, I move to a Rifle 6.0 in my 7-PW and Rifle spinner 5.5 shafts in my gap and sand wedge.

    Weird…I know.  The Hogan shafts are stepped shafts with a softer tip.  I have kept these in place b/c the stepped shafts on longer irons have never failed me.  I am considering moving to a Project X (6.5 on 2-4 and 6.0 on 5 & 6).  The Rifles increase distance while keeping my lower irons spin rate pretty high and in control.  The spinner shafts have softer tips.

    Mr. Gross, when deciding on your 5.0 or 5.5 shafts, keep in mind that 5.5 shafts will be slightly heavier.  The 5.0 will gain swing speed, but with any more flexible shaft you will lose some control.  To gain the high trajectory with your long irons and mid to high on short irons, you should consider the Rifle project X flighted shaft for the long irons and mix in the Project X for the short irons.  Proj X will not take away from from the trajectory as drastically as the flighted shafts will.  If you desire the consistency of the flex throughout your irons, you will not lose anything between the two types, but will be able to control the flight much better.  Rifle has always contended the control of their shafts on ball flight through design is one of their keys to success.  I agree.  My suggestion would be to go with the 5.0 to gain your speeds back.

    Best of luck to all of us trying to live the dream!!

  5. I am now using NS Pros 950 with regular shaft on AP2s with Reg flex.  I recently bought Callaway X forged with Rifle Flighted 5.0.  I made the change because i wanted more consistency and the ability to hit punch shots with confidence. 

    At the range today, I noticed the only way to hit the 4-6 irons on the rifles is to place the ball closer to the right as opposed to the left foot.  Placing it closer to the left would result in a weak block. 

    My 6 iron carry is 155-160 yards and I tend to swing easy.  I am 39 and play once and a week.  Should I go back to my AP2s?

    My score is between 78-84 from the whites 6,600 yards


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