Rifle Graphite Iron Shafts Review

Rifle Graphite 75 Gram Iron Shaft Set 3-PW
Grade: A

The knock against graphite golf shafts always has been that they are not as consistent as steel. But recent advances in manufacturing have reportedly solved that problem, so this summer I decided to give them a try.

I chose the Rifle Graphite 75s because they promised to provide consistent weights across the different lengths in the set. The tips on each of the shafts were pre-cut, so it was simply a matter of making sure the right shaft went into the right head. The weights on these shafts turned to be right on the mark, as the finished clubweights were consistent across the entire set.

One advantage of the graphite was that the lighter weight enabled me to cut the shafts a half inch longer without making the clubs feel too heavy. I’ve always been more comfortable with a longer shaft, as it allows me to stand more upright and take some pressure off my back.

After playing the second half of the summer with graphite shafts, I have to say that I am a believer.  I haven’t had any noticable accuracy or consistency problems. And the feel of the graphite is superior to the steel. Mishits don’t hurt anymore because the graphite easily absorbs the shock. And, after playing more golf this summer than ever before, I don’t have the case of "golfers elbow" that I usually develop by the fall.

And then there’s the Magic Word for amateur golfers: distance. I think I’m hitting my irons further. Never a long hitter, I think I’ve gained distance. My reference club used to be a well-swung 6 iron at 150. When I’m playing well, 150 now is an easy six, or a hard 7

It’s probably a combination of things. The clubs are longer, the swingweight lighter, and there likely is more whip. But the distance is there.

I won’t go back to steel. Graphite is more expensive, but it’s worth it.

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