Ron Sirak, Political Junkie

GolfWorld’s Ron Sirak writes that he found the early returns from the Iowa Caucuses more compelling than the Mercedes Open:

With all due respect—actually with exactly the respect due—Nick Watney and Daniel Chopra lost in my house to Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama on Thursday night. The Iowa caucus was more compelling—and better played. Friday, I went out to dinner and a movie during prime time (and if you haven’t seen “Juno,” do it) and NFL football won the battle for the remote Saturday night. (I am, after all, from near Pittsburgh.) On Sunday, I watched because I have to write this and, well, there is always the danger that the final 18 holes could produce the greatest finish in the history of tournament golf.

Wow. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that it was way too early to start the season. Sirak and I also think along the same lines when he notes that while the PGA Tour moved the season ending championship to avoid the start of the NFL and College football seasons, they still start the season during the NFL Playoffs and the College Bowl season, which if anything, is worse.

He also notes that, thanks to the number of relatively unknown winners last year on tour (Daniel Chopra?), the field was full of no-name, while folk like Ernie Els and Sergio Garcia sat at home.

Read the whole thing. In between the sarcasm, he makes a lot of sense.

And in the meantime, I’m going lobby again for my number one idea: that the Tour Championship should be played in Hawaii, so that, with the time difference, it can be in prime time—or nearly so on the mainland.


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