Why Rory Lifts Weights

In this video, TPI’s Dr. Greg Rose explains why Rory lifts weights and why it might extend his playing career.

why rory lifts weightsWeight lifting among golfers has become a point of controversy in recent years. Critics claim that lifting weights makes golfers more susceptible, but the explanation in the video makes a convincing argument that the truth is exactly the opposite.

The key is in the formula: Force = Mass x Acceleration

Rose argues that to generate the distances, Rory has had to create incredible acceleration that ultimately could cause him injury. Add some mass to Rory’s relatively small frame, on the other hand, and you can reduce acceleration.

It actually makes sense to me.

I will also add that since I started lifting weights two years ago I feel as though I have been less susceptible to the back injuries that plagued me the previous decade.

For what it’s worth, I saw a clip of Rory lifting where he described how much weight he was using in his squats. At my age — some thirty years older — I squat the same weight.

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