Rule Golf Towel Review


Rule 21 Towel From Rule Golf

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Top quality; very useful

Rule Golf has a good thing going with its Rule 21 Golf Towel. Ten inches long, and just over four inches wide at its broadest, the towel is designed for cleaning balls after you mark them on the green. The Rule 21 has a bamboo terry interior, and a waterproof exterior. To use, you soak the towel, and then dry off the outside. One end of the towel has a plastic latch that secures it to a bag clip. As you head to the green, unclip it from your bag, and tuck it in your back pocket with the interior side facing outward—looking for all the world like a fox’s tail. Your pants stay dry.

Actually, the design of the folds is such that I actually slide it into my pocket without incident: I just fold it in half, tucking the triangular end over.

It’s all quite clever, and very useful. At this point, I wouldn’t be without one.

The Rule 21 towel comes in a variety of colors, one of which is certain to complement your bag, or match your favorite team.

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