Ryan Moore To Turn Pro After US Open

Celebrated amateur Ryan Moore has apparently decided to go pro after the US Open. He has accepted a spot at the Barclays Classic on June 20 – 26.

After winning the U.S. Amateur, the NCAA championship, the U.S. Amateur Public Links, the Western Amateur and the Sahalee Players Championship, there isn’t much left for him to do.

Still, I keep hoping—unrealistically and selfishly—that one of these top amateurs would remain so. If a player could keep his amateur status and somehow still manage to practice and play—and occasionally win—he would cement his place in history. A victory at a Major as an amateur would guarantee that the guy would never be forgotten.

But there is no doubt that the money is too big a lure. And there probably is no chance at all that an amateur could win a tour event—let alone a major—given the constraints of time that having a real job would entail.

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  1. Just stumbled across your site via SportsBlogs.org (and GolfBlogs.org) – didn’t realize anyone was giving this kind of thing a go!

    On the lifelong amateur thing – it’s worth noting that though he’s not playing a regular schedule of any sort (that I know of), Tripp Kuenhe has qualified for this year’s Open and has steadfastly remained an amateur. Tripp was medalist at his sectional (I think) – it’d be quite the hoot if he put four rounds together this weekend.


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