Ryder Cup 2008 Odds – June 29

With Tiger Woods out of the picture, I was wondering how the Ryder Cup odds have changed. Here’s the current line

USA: 5/4
Europe: 8/11
Tie: 10/1

The line has moved a bit since April, when it read:

USA: 11/10
Europe: 5/4
Tie: 9/1

You read a betting line by looking at the second number first. That number is how much you bet. The first number is how much you win. So in the case of the US, you’ll pay 4 to win 5. Betting on Europe, you’ll pay 11 to win 8.

What the odds are saying now is that Europe is a prohibitive favorite to win.

Theodds for the Ryder Cup are provided courtesy of Bodog.Com, the world’s largest online sports betting destination.

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