Ryder Cup Predictions

Ok. Here’s the place for your official Ryder Cup predictions.

Mine: The US wins 14 1/2 – 13 1/2

6 thoughts on “Ryder Cup Predictions”

  1. I predict USA 15 Europe 13.

    It should be an exciting cup with hometown folks on the USA team. Azinger and Faldo are a great match up as captains.There has been a lot of hype with all of the media coverage, I am ready for the golf to be played, should be fun.

  2. American announcers fully support Phil in his reaction to a distraction from the gallery.

    In the past, they have also HAMMERED non-americans for similar reactions in similar circumstances. (Think Monty)

    I like America and Americans. But the reason I root against USA in the Ryder Cup is the same reason I root against Tiger. It is the bonehead media.

  3. On the 3rd hole, a photographer snapped a pic while Phil was making a chip. Understandably, it was distracting, and the media stressed that point to the viewers as Phils shot dribbled past the hole. All true.The security people sought out the photographer, and rumor is he is now on a plane headed for Cuba!


    When similar incidents involved Monty and others, like Sergio, the media would and have been be all over them, saying they should man up, etc.

    And twice this morning, the media expressed distain that the European team made the Americans make those 3 footers, stressing saying they were not conceded but not understanding why.

    I really wish we could get the European broadcast. Jimmy Roberts should have a 5 sec broadcast delay. I am just waiting for him to say or do something really boneheaded.

  4. If the USA wins, it will prove there is no “i” in team.

    But, there certainly is in “Tiger”.

    And, it might get the American golf media off the hook.

    Would it free them up to talk more about someone else for a change?

    Until the first time Tiger’s name comes up in a player interview this weekend…who will be first?


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