Safe Catch Tuna Review

Safe Catch Tuna Review

Safe Catch Tuna
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Tasty and good for you.

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When I was growing up, my Mother’s Tuna Casserole was one of my favorite dinners. Tuna from a can was a relatively cheap source of protein, and putting it into a casserole made it go a long way.

It was the 1970s. Casseroles were a thing.

These days, we know that tuna is a “superfood” rich in vitamin B12, omega3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Those nutrients help for red blood cells, can lower risk of heart disease, improve eye health, reduce inflammation and help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, tuna can also potentially be an unsafe source of mercury.

Safe Catch is a brand that offers tuna, salmon, ahi and sardines in cans and pouches. The company says that its tuna products have the least mercury content of any brand, at 10x below the FDA limit.

The company tests each and every one of the tunas that go into their packages.

To retain those vital Omega 3 oils, Safe Catch hand packs pure, raw tuna steaks and then slow cools them, adding nothing besides a bit of salt.

Safe Catch sent several samples and I have found the shelf stable pouches are quite convenient. The tuna is good on its own, or makes a nice addition to a salad or pasta bowl.

In addition to the basic tuna (which is good on its own), Safe Catch also offers flavors such as Chili Lime, Citrus Pepper and Garlic Herb. Their salmon packs offer flavors such as Citrus Dill, Italian Herb and Rosemary Dijon.

I’d love to try some of the salmon flavors.

Although I have spent the last thirty plus years in Michigan, I was born and raised in Maryland; seafood is in my blood. I love seafood of all kinds: crabs, flounder, tuna, salmon, clams, rockfish, sardines and even anchovies.

Seriously. I like anchovies on my pizza. No one else I know does, though, so I rarely get to have anchovies and olives.

Tuna in a salad or as a standalone snack, however, is something everyone can get behind.

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