Sales of Tiger Woods Golf Video Game Off 68%

Sales for Electronic Arts’ Tiger Woods Golf 11 are off 68%, in spite of good reviews.

All kinds of speculation here, but I think the bottom like is that he isn’t winning. Sales will rebound next year if Tiger can regain some of his old form.

Of course, I’ve argued previously that EA would be better served by expanding its player connections. Tiger is frankly getting to be old by teenager’s standards. They should ink Ryo Ishikawa, Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy.

1 thought on “Sales of Tiger Woods Golf Video Game Off 68%”

  1. Ricky Fowler maybe, but Camillo and AK might be better picks.

    Rory, God bless him, is not exactly the most photogenic at the moment. 

    I think it is part performance, but the reason I haven’t bought it yet is 1) I don’t want to do anything that further enriches Tiger and 2) EA has confused the heck out of me.

    I won’t go into #1, that is self-evident.

    On #2 – I really liked playing the Online Tiger Woods while it was in beta earlier.  And it worked pretty well.  Then EA decided they wanted $50 for a year of it.  I really dislike subscription systems – I am used to paying $50-$60 for the console version and then I may or not buy the next years version (usually I am 2 years apart for Tiger Woods or NCAA Football, the primary sports games I play).  So instead of owning, I have to pay $100 for two years of use.  In one sense there is an advantage – you get all the courses in that subscription price.

    But then there is the Wii, with the Wii Motion Plus controller, I like the idea of this, and Tiger 2011 for Wii for $50 comes with all the courses included (Nintendo does not allow EA to sell add ons I guess)

    But my preferred system is PS3.  In my house, it is on the biggest TV, and in the room I spend the most time.  But for $60 you have to buy some of the courses, and there are all kinds of add ons to buy.

    So I really have been stuck between buying versions.  The online version just dropped $10 in price, and that is a good thing, but seriously, if I buy the PS3 version, I think they should highly discount the browser game, or maybe make it free.  Or if there was a subscription version for the PS3, even at $60, I would be all over that if it included all the courses.

    Given the confusion combined with the desire not to purchase additional TW branded stuff, it has been easy to hold off so far, even though I sort of want one version or other.

    But come September or October, I fully anticipate I will break down and get the PS3 version.  That is when the Sony Move controller comes out and the PS3 version should have a better motion system AND better graphics and online play. 

    BTW- This isn’t dissimilar to a few years back for me, when I was perhaps a little too much into WWE.  I liked Stone Cold, and he did have the coolest shirts, but when he went to beating his wife, I, out of respect for mine, tossed the Stone Cold stuff, and pretty much stopped watching wrestling.  Now, my desire to not buy TW stuff from Nike in particular is out of respect for my wife and daughter as much as it is a personal disgust for the man himself.


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