Samsonite 4 Piece Deluxe Travel Set Review

Samsonite 4 Piece Deluxe Travel Set Review

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A terrific set.

When I was looking for a golf travel bag last year, I investigated all the usual suspects—brands like ClubGlove and Bag Boy, which are well represented in the pro shops and at the Golf Superstores. Eventually, I settled on a Bag Boy model with a padded top and rip stop nylon sides. Nothing fancy, and probably over priced.

I say that because I recently acquired a four piece Samsonite Golf Travel set which is priced at less than the Bag Boy I got and offers far more value.

It’s not just that the Samsonite set includes a duffel bag and two golf shoe mitts—though that’s a nice plus. It’s that the Samsonite offers what I think is superior protection.

Both the Bag Boy and the Samsonite are constructed of what appears to be very tough nylon. But the Samsonite shines in that it has padding on the sides as well as on the top. This should really help to ensure that your clubs survive a trip through airport luggage or in the trunk of a car. 

Of course, the Samsonite offers all of the other usual bag cover features. It’s got a hard bottom with sealed ball-bearing in-line skate built in for towing. Three rubberized handles give you a variety of options for extracting the bag from your trunk and lugging it about. And there are external pockets.

But there also are a couple of other neat features. First, there’s an elastic lace arrangement on the front for strapping on another bag. And the large front pocket can be zipped off.

The extra pieces—the shoe mitts and the duffel bag—also are nice.

The mitts are lined with a soft material that won’t scruff your finely polished shoes. I had thought at first that each mitt would hold two shoes, but after trying to squeee a pair in each, I gave up and put one shoe in each bag. The tops of the bags close with drawstrings and a plastic lock.

The bags fit into a special side pocket of the accompanying duffel bag. Another nice touch: the shoe pocket has a mesh end to allow them to breathe.

Both the mitts and duffel are constructed of the same tough material as the golf bag cover.

This set offers a good value for the golf traveller.

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