Satellite Photos of The Blue Monster

Doral is called the Blue Monster because when it first was built back in 1960, people said that Alfred Kaskel was creating a “monster” in the middle of a swamp. When the course opened, it was known as the “Blue” course. With its swirling winds, water hazards and tough play, it soon became known as the “Blue Monster.”

The course originally was designed was Dick Wilson and later restored by Raymond Floyd. In 2014, it was reworked by Gil Hanse.

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3 thoughts on “Satellite Photos of The Blue Monster”

  1. Cool photos.

    Question:  Ignoring inflation completely, and seeking the most tournament cash, as a caddy, whose bag would you rather carry for the rest of his career?

    A. Tiger Woods
    B. Camilo Villegas
    C. Rory McIlroy
    D. Someone else

  2. For the rest of their career?? I’d take Rory’s bag!  Of course, that assumes I live long enough to do that!


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