Scandium To Replace Titanium

Element 21 Golf says that Scandium is the new wave of golf club materials, replacing Titanium. Scandium, the 21st element on the periodic table (thus, Element 21), has a weight to strength ratio that is 25% better than titanium, 50% better than graphite and 70% better than steel. Its used in the Russian space and missile program.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I am sure that a few years ago, I had a clubhead that claimed to use materials from the Russian ICBM missile program. Maybe someone out there also had one and can drop a comment on what it was.

At any rate, Element 21 is trying to pull off what has to be the greatest publicity stunt in the history of golf: they’re going to have someone drive a ball using their club off the International Space Station, and into orbit, for the longest drive in history.

The original scandium products were shafts, but the company now has branched out into clubheads. Interestingly, the company thinks that, unlike titanium, it holds the exclusive rights to clubs made from the material.

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2 thoughts on “Scandium To Replace Titanium”

  1. If they pull off their publicity stunt, I vow never to buy one of their products.  NASA will never agree to such a thing, but they might manage to buy off the russians.

    Problem is that right now, Space Command has to track all the crap in orbit, in the case this ball actually stayed in orbit for a time, it will become a hazard to the shuttles and the space station (and anything else in orbit).


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