Scoreband Pulse Laser Range Finder

ScoreBand PULSE Compact Laser Rangefinder for Golf, White

The Scoreband Pulse laser range finder is marketed as the affordable alternative in laser range finders. It retails for $179, and is priced as low as $163 using the link above.

For that, you get a lightweight, compact laser range finder with a 400 yard range that’s accurate to +/- 1 yard. The Scoreband Pulse features 6x magnification and General Mode/Flag-Lock Mode/Scan Functions.

“With 400-yard range and pinpoint accuracy, the performance of the ScoreBand PULSE is equal to any rangefinder on the market, and it far exceeds the competition in the value it delivers,” said Jody Murdough, ScoreBand president. “The PULSE’s consumer-friendly price point is appealing, but what golfers should find most attractive is the quality of our product. The PULSE makes the game more fun. Instantly knowing precise distance to the target improves player confidence and ultimately helps improve pace of play.”

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