Scuba? – Golf – Notebook: Woods can’t get it going in final round – Sunday March 28, 2004 8:25PM

Taking a dip
Ian Poulter’s silly mistake left his friend feeling all wet.
Facing a difficult putt on the fourth green, Poulter angrily walked up to his ball and bent down to hurriedly snatch it away. But instead of grabbing the ball, he accidentally whacked it with his hand … and watched it roll right into the lake that protects the left side of the green.
Facing the possibility of a two-stroke penalty for losing his ball, Poulter signaled to his personal trainer, Kam Bhabra, who was watching from the gallery. Bhabra shed his shorts and waded into the water in his skivvies, bending down to find the ball and tossing it back to Poulter.
“I knew what he was going to ask me to do, so I just went,” Bhabra said after the round, wearing a fresh set of dry clothes.
Poulter saved par on the hole, en route to a 74. The two strokes he saved earned him about an extra $20,000. He admitted to being a little red-faced about one of the oddest incidents in the history of the tournament, and said he was grateful to have a friend like Bharba.
“The guy would do anything for me,” Poulter said. “He will be rewarded very nicely.”

If this guy were my friend, he would need scuba equipment. I spend way too much time hitting into water.

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