Season’s End At Green Oaks Golf Course

The sixteenth at Green Oaks Golf Course
The sixteenth at Green Oaks.

On Sunday, the season came to an end at my home course — Green Oaks in Ypsilanti, Michigan. While Green Oaks has in the past remained open until the snow flies, this year some major renovations and improvements are on the docket and the relatively early closing will facilitate that.

The weather, for November 13 in Michigan, was spectacular. I started out wearing a vest, but by the third hole had shed that. Short sleeves and trousers were enough warmth for me.

As course management knew that it was closing, sweeping up leaves did not seem to be a priority. That made hitting fairways a priority. Anything too far off into the rough ran the risk of disappearing forever

Deep leaves at Green Oaks.
Deep leaves in the rough.

It has been a good season at Green Oaks. The weather this year was very cooperative, and I managed to get rounds in from March until November. As always, the course has been lots of fun to play, and at a very reasonable price. Perhaps best is that I got to play lots of rounds with a very nice group of regulars. It is always pleasant to get a wave from two fairways over from someone who recognizes you.

So long until next year.

Green Oaks, November 14, 2017
A shot of the first tee as I was leaving for the season.


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