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Back in the 1980s, there was a golf training video called Sybervision that featured endless clips of Al Greiberger hitting balls. The idea was that you would watch Grieberger’s technically flawless swing (he was known as Mr. 59, for shooting a 59 in a PGA Tour event), and would thus visually develop muscle memory. Interesting concept.

See It Golf has taken that idea and applied it to putting. In their video, you watch clips of Aaron Baddeley making putts. By showing Badds making putts from multiple angles, they hope to put you in good putting mental frame of mind.

The product is downloadable, and you can watch it on your portable video player or computer.

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1 thought on “See It Golf”

  1. If you havn’t checked out this product yet, you should pick it up as quickly as possible.  If your looking to improve your putting, this will do wonders for your game.  The use of visualization as a teaching tool is one of the most effective and proven methods to train athletes in obtaining consistency and accuracy.  I have taken 3 shots of my game already.


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