Send Out A Search Party For Tiger #PGAChamp

The Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins says that Tiger is “lost.”

This hopey-changey thing is not working for Tiger Woods. He’s changed his swing, fired his caddie, switched his reliable old putter, and even tried to alter his looks, via that patch of scruff on his chin. These aren’t the hallmarks of stability, much less of a winner. The only thing recognizable about Woods as he enters the PGA Championship is his same old glacial arrogance.

Woods is on a search party to find himself and he doesn’t seem close to meeting himself in the mirror yet. He continues to insist he is just one small breakthrough from greatness again, when in reality, “He’s well below what he used to be,” says Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee. His performance last week — a tie for 37th in a field of 76 with a score of 1 over par in the Bridgestone — wasn’t much better than it seemed, despite Woods’s avowal that he was “encouraged.” Certainly, unevenness was natural after a layoff. But mostly what we saw from Woods was the same consistently inconsistent play that has plagued him for two years now: sprayed tee shots and three-putts. It’s to the point that you wonder if this is the real him. Maybe Woods can turn his game around in time to win his first major since 2008, but it seems unlikely


He certainly looked it at the PGA Championship. I wrote earlier this week that he wouldn’t make the weekend, and I’m going to be right. He’s in John Daly mode right now (tied with Daly, in fact)—a shadow of his former great self, displaying occasional flashes of brilliance mixed with pure hackery.

I’ve been saying it for two years now. He’s done winning Major Championships. He may even be done winning, period.

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  1. I hadn’t thought about it until now, but Tiger hasn’t won a major since Obama was elected.  Another thing we can blame the moron in chief for.


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