Sending Golf Balls To Iraq

imageThe Detroit Free Press has an article today on a soldier’s wife who has been collecting golf balls to send to Iraq. The soldiers there love hitting golf balls in their spare time—but since they can’t retrieve them from “No Man’s Land”, each ball at the driving range is pretty much a one-time-use thing.

Monica House, whose husband, Capt. Robert House, is stationed in Baghdad, has collected more than 14,000 of the little white pills. Now, however, she faces the daunting task of mailing them all. Postage is going to cost thousands.

House has set up an account with National City Bank to take donations. Details are below:

To help with the cost of shipping golf balls to troops in Iraq, send a check or money order payable to Golf Balls for Soldiers to: National City Bank, 344 N. Main St., Milford 48381.

Or visit any local National City branch and make a cash donation to the fund. For more information, call the bank’s Milford branch at 248-684-1165.

Any amount that exceeds the cost of postage will be donated to the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund, a nonprofit in Livonia staffed by volunteers that assists soldiers and their families.

It’s a worthy cause. Mrs. Golfblogger was a Captain in the first Gulf War, and I know how much stress can affect our servicemen and women. Nothing helps to relieve stress like beating the heck out of a bucket of balls.

4 thoughts on “Sending Golf Balls To Iraq”

  1. What a great idea! Hitting balls at the driving range is such a great way to relieve stress. I can’t think of many others that could use this stress relief more than our soldiers.

  2. I cannot find an address to mail golf balls and golf clubs to our soldiers in Iraq. Can someone provide this info?

  3. We are stationed in Baghdad Iraq.  A few of us having been hitting dates found from the trees on a make shift driving range. This has proven to be one of the best morale booster -more soldiers have joined in – we set up a T time, get tomato jucie and vegetables from the mess hall or NA beer, we place a shag carpet down (putting green), we share clubs and watch the dates fly.  We have recentlly heard that used golf balls could be donated.  Could you please assist me in a point of contact.


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