Sergio Says His Game Perfect for PGA Championship

Sergio says that his game is perfect for the US Open.

Leaving aside the question as to why he hasn’t won one yet, this opens the issue of how he will play this week at Baltusrol in the PGA Championshiop. Baltusrol, of course, is a US Open venue, and the conventional wisdom is that he will do well there.

But I’m not so sure.

First, the PGA has a history of surprise winners. And Sergio would not exactly be a surprise winner.

Second, although Baltusrol is indeed a US Open venue, it’s unlikely that it will be as punishing as a USGA setup. I can’t imagine the PGA subjecting its own to USGA style tricks.

At this point, my money is on Vijay Singh as the most likely of the big name players.

And the surprise winner? If I knew it wouldn’t be a surprise.

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