Sergio Will Win Majors

Sergio’s taking a lot of heat for his supposed choke on the last day of the Open Championship. I just don’t see it that way. He didn’t play bad golf—just passive golf. His gameplan was conservative and for the most part, he stuck to it, hitting long irons off the tee to keep the ball in play and avoid trouble.

It’s not a bad game plan. Certainly it’s Tiger’s basic strategy: when in front, play a conservative game; let others make mistakes trying to catch you.

But critics are wondering why he didn’t hit a few drivers, leaving himself with more short irons to the green.

Can you imagine the second guessing if Garcia had come up short using a more aggressive plan that involved hitting a lot of drivers? Golf pundits would hammer him for being too audacious. Look at the beating Van de Velde and Mickelson have taken for hitting driver on the final hole of their near wins.

The fact of the matter is that it just wasn’t his weekend. He had a couple of bad breaks that—if they had gone the other way—would have given him the Claret Jut.

Sergio will win Majors—several of them. He has too much talent not to. And don’t forget—although he seemingly has been around forever—Garcia is just twenty seven. Mickelson didn’t win his first Major until he was thirty four. Padraig Harrington—this year’s Open Championship winner—has won his first major at age thirty six.

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