Shadow Caddy Robotic Caddy

I used to think I was hot stuff with my Sun Mountain Speed Cart. But a cart called the Shadow Caddy really takes the prize. It’s a fully automated golf bag cart that simply follows you around the course. The user just carries a tracking devce that has a simple follow me/park button. Sensors on board the Shadow Caddy prevent it from colliding with other objects, or from attempting impassible slopes. You can watch the video below:

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  1. I have been thinking about just this type of product.  It is not complicated technology, just a Roomba brain with a a simple tracking device.

    Actually, my thought was similar to this, but would have the option to track your bluetooth cellphone, or a gps or laser rangefinder with bluetooth built in.  Interfacing with a bluetooth cell phone would also allow you to remote steer the cart as well. 

    I have very limited space (Mustang Convertible) which doesn’t even fit a Speedcart very well, my Bagboy Express LS with removable wheels is the only cart I could find that fits with a bag in the trunk—but I would be willing to rent one of these at the club, or even paying for a year pass on one.  I think I am going to send this site into my Pro and Club Manager to see if they would be interested in trying a few (if you can get them in the US).


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