Shaking Off The Winter Golf Rust

Shaking Off The Winter Golf Rust
Shaking Off The Winter Golf Rust At Green Oaks In Ypsilanti

I have been out to play twice this week in an effort to shake off the winter golf rust. While I managed to play rounds in December, January and February, the cold and frozen ground are not really conditions under which I expect to learn anything about my golf swing.

This week’s outings, however, have shown me that I need to pay attention to ball position and rotation. I am hitting behind and on top of the ball at various times and am convinced that when I do, it was because a) the ball was in the wrong position and b) I am not making a full shoulder turn. When I concentrate on those two things, the results are much better.

Still, it’s early and the weather is still chilly. I expect rapid improvement once I can play in short sleeves with bare hands again.

I played my round on Wednesday with an older gentleman who was also out for the express purpose of shaking off some winter golf rust. He told me that his usual golf partners were starting to return from their winter havens in Florida and were going to have a distinct advantage. He was hitting the ball really well, though, and seemed confident that he would soon catch up to them. He was walking and carrying a Sunday bag, but only did twelve holes (that’s possible at Green Oaks because of the way 10-11-12 loop back to the clubhouse).

I am carefully watching the weather to see when I can next get out for a round.

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