Shame On Golf Digest


The sexiest shots in golf? Really?

I caught this on my GolfLogix app on my phone.

I’m no feminist, but in my mind this sort of blatant sexism doesn’t have a place in golf. I thought we were supposed to be working on attracting more women to the sport.

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3 thoughts on “Shame On Golf Digest”

  1. Agree!  If you watch their track record with women, that is their MO.  They do not profile LPGA members often and when they do, it is usually in a similar context to the ad you saw.  BTW, the whole magazine went through a transformation last month.  It is definitely geared to new / and younger golfers.

  2. I agree, GD seems to have gone full “bro golf” mode.  I use to enjoy the longer form articles in the magazine, I thought they had the classic good writing I’ve always found on sport pages.  Not any more.  They’ve gone to a short form, which seems to be just re-written press releases (maybe golfblogger has spoiled me on the short form of writing for golf!… thanks.)    Conde Naste, does not understand golf as a sport, only as a travel/resort destination.  Maybe that’s their advertising market.

  3. Methinks they’re trying a GolfPunk-me-too. But the UK-based GolfPunk ezine doesn’t makes any bones about who it’s aimed for.


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