Ship Sticks Makes Golf Travel A Whole Lot Better

My clubs waiting on the front porch for pickup via Ship Sticks.
My clubs waiting on the front porch for pickup via Ship Sticks.

Ship Sticks Make Golf Travel A Whole Lot Better

Ship Sticks
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: Makes golf travel better. If only the airlines were as pleasant.

As far as I am concerned, there are few things as unpleasant as flying. A root canal, perhaps. Or a colonoscopy. Airlines seem to delight in making passengers pay ever more for increasingly unpleasant experiences. Packed into a sardine can seat, I always seem to be next to some guy with a Seth Rogen body who thinks he has the right to all of his seat and half of mine. Or next to a person who has never heard of deodorant or soap. And then there’s schlepping the luggage from car to check-in, the painful standing in the TSA line, flight delays, and the dreaded flight changes, which leave you dashing from one gate to another.

On my recent trip to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Ship Sticks made at least one part of air travel much, much more pleasant.

Clubs in the storeroom at Bandon Dunes, waiting for pickup via Ship Sticks.

Everything about Ship Sticks is the opposite of air travel. The website is easy to navigate. The pricing structure is easy to understand. The rates are fair.  FedEx showed at my doorstep on time, and whisked the clubs away. A tracking page on the Ship Sticks website let me know where my babies were located. The clubs were delivered to Bandon Dunes and were waiting for me when I arrived.

When the week of golf was over, I attached the return label and left them at the Bandon Dunes club drop. A few days later — and sooner than predicted — they were returned to my doorstep.

No hassle. No fuss. No schlepping. No waiting. I didn’t have to lift a finger (o.k., I did carry the clubs from the garage to my front porch).

The one downside to shipping your golf clubs in this fashion is that you will be without them for a while. The most economical rates involve five days shipping in either direction. As you would expect, prices escalate quickly for three, two and overnight shipping.

Fortunately, I have a backup set of old clubs. I sent my gamers to Bandon Dunes, and continued to play with my backup.

Using Ship Sticks is as easy and pleasant as a one foot putt.


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