Showdown In Dubai Round 1

At the Omega Dubai Desert Classic, Tiger Woods, Martin Kaymer and Lee Westwood were grouped for the first two rounds. Having the world’s top three players (by the “Official” rankings, anyway) was a neat idea, but after the first round, it’s been a bit of a fizzle.

Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer currently are in T10, at -2. Woods is in a T27 at -1.

Leading the tournament is Rory McIlroy, at -7, with Sergio Garcia in second at -5.

I haven’t seen the television coverage, so I can’t say how well the Triumvirate was playing. Perhaps someone who caught the coverage can let us know.

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3 thoughts on “Showdown In Dubai Round 1”

  1. Did they extend coverage for the 18th?  It seems mine cut off on the 17th.

    I just love how they tell you a hundred times that “Tiger has never finished out of the top 5 here” – I suppose they drill it in so you know what streak he is breaking for this tournament.

  2. BTW- anyone think that the whole World Top 3 grouping was for the benefit of Rory McIllroy?  If he was in that pressure, I wonder if he would have gone -7.  I don’t think Westwood is necessarily feeling the pressure of Kaymer or Woods – but he might be. 

    Woods just isn’t what he was.  at times he looks defeated before he even tries at a putt.  That 78 yard wedge attempt where he his 90+ yards and had it roll off the back when it was a front pin on a huge green?  I am not cheering Tiger, but I was telling my daughter to “watch this” because I was sure Tiger was going to hit to 83 yards and spin back.  Heck, Phil would have had Bones pull the pin for that one!


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