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Arnold Palmer has always been my favorite golfer, and as he turns 80, I still hope that I may someday meet him.

To celebrate the King’s birthday, the USGA has set up an online memory book, where fans can record for posterity their Arnold Palmer memories.

Reading the stories is a lot of fun. The guy has shown nothing but class throughout his life. An example:

A young rookie TV reporter was on the practice green trying to get Arnold’s attention.  Arnold asks “Do you want to interview me?”  “YES” said the reporter and immediately started stammering a question.  Arnold said “Let’s move over here out of the way of other players so we don’t bother them.”  They did, and then the young reporter could NOT formulate a question!  Arnold said “Well, people usually ask me……” and he then proceeded to supply the question and the answer.  The young reporter still couldn’t talk.  Arnold said “And another thing people usually want to know is…….”  He continued this until the young man had a lot of interview “questions and answers.”

That evening, of course the reporter had dubbed in his OWN voice asking the questions, and the interview on TV looked quite polished and professional!

This shows the grace Arnold has—-he could easily have blown off the new reporter, and told him to come back when he had learned his job.  Instead, Arnold helped the young man gain confidence, and did not embarass him in public.  Arnold made sure that young reporter looked good!

Visit the Arnold Palmer Memory Book

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  1. I just found out this weekend that if you get a hole in one at our club (a Palmer club) – that the King will sign your scorecard! 

    Now all I need is the hole in one.


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