Signs of Spring

In spite of three solid weeks of deep freeze, there are some signs of spring here in Michigan: The Western Michigan Golf show is just over three weeks away. The show will be held in downtown Grand Rapids on Feb. 13 – 15 and will feature Rick Smith, as well as a couple of the contestants from The Big Break X Michigan.

I’ve not been to the Grand Rapids show, but have attended the one in Novi, Michigan several times. About half the booths in the show are travel related; most of the rest are occupied by retailers with last year’s items at deep discount. A few are small businessmen hawking their inventions, golf publications or custom equipment.

I never buy anything at these shows, but enjoy walking around and soaking in the golf atmosphere. After the last month, I’m desperate. I may just drive over to Grand Rapids in an attempt to maintain my sanity.

2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring”

  1. I just went to a golf show in Virginia last weekend.  My friend got a driver and I got a Skycaddie, which is not normal for us.  Usually we just end up leaving with 25 pounds of golf travel literature (we did get that again this year too).  My arms still hurt.  The whole time I kept reminding my friends not to let me sign up for any contests or drawings which require addresses or email.  I still get junk email from places years later for that.

  2. Chris—that sounds like exactly the sort of golf show that’s in Michigan. I had forgotten about the endless contests and drawings.

    I see lots of guys there “filling out” those things by sticking on a premade address label, or using a rubber stamp.


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