Signs of the New Tiger Woods

In a decided break from past practice, Tiger Woods has announced his entry into four more tournaments this year: Quail Hollow next week, the Players Championship in May, and the AT&T National, in July.

In the past, Tiger generally has waited until the Friday deadline before a tournament to announce his presence. That has had unfortunate consequence of preventing the tournaments from fully capitalizing on Tiger’s presence. The theory was that it was a control issue for Tiger: he didn’t like the thought of anyone—even a Tour charity—from using his name and likeness unless he was getting his cut.

This just might be the sign that people have been looking for—that Tiger is starting to think about someone other than himself.

Or not. We’ll see how far he takes this.

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4 thoughts on “Signs of the New Tiger Woods”

  1. More likely it’s Tiger and his people sending a message/reminder that he’ll still still a force to be reckoned with on the PGA Tour .

    Advance, and especially free, publicity doesn’t hurt either.

    (of course, if I said that at oobgolf, I’d get pilloried…)

  2. The Players is not really news, since it is the mini-major.  He needs to do that for Finchem after Finchem has bent over for Tiger these last few months.

    AT&T, while TW lost the endorsement deal, the tournament still benefits the Tiger Woods Learning Center.  In fact, the percentage going to the TWLC probably just went up – if nothing else the net went up even if the tournment didn’t bump the percentage.

    These 3 don’t signal any new Tiger to me.  Odd that he didn’t signal anything for the Memorial, which is about a month away.  I wonder if he is going to see how he does at Quail Hollow before saying something about Columbus.


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