Singh In Golf Hall of Fame

Vijay Singh was elected into the hall of fame—but on a technicality. Although he didn’t receive the 65% of the votes necessary, neither did anyone else. So a clause in the voting procedure—which states that “In the event no candidate receives 65%, the nominee receiving the most votes will be inducted, providing he is named on at least 50% of the ballots returned.”

Singh had 56%—just edging out Larry Nelson’s 55%.

I think Singh clearly is qualified, with 25 career victories, including 3 majors. But this vote shows that Vijay needs to pay more attention to the negative karma that is accumulating. While he says he doesn’t care what people think—he ought to.

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  1. What are the golf politics involved in Vijay Singh’s induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame over Tiger Woods?

    Tiger Woods’ record of golf accomplishments far exceeds that of Vijay Singh.


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