Singh Seems Set On Role As Golf’s Major Villian

You’ve got to wonder what Vijay Singh is up to.

On Friday at the Masters’, Singh complained to officials that someone in the group ahead of his was damaging the greens with potentially illegal spikes. That prompted tournament officials to check Phil Mickelson’s spikes.

He knew that Mickelson was in that group and I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch for people to think that Vijay was trying to get under Phil’s skin.

Phil apparently thought so, as several news organizations have reported that he confronted Vijay in the locker room afterwards. Mickelson said that he was “distracted” by the officials questioning his spikes.

Exactly what Vijay Singh wanted?

Vijay’s latest antics follow an incident after the Bay Hill where Tom Pernice asked PGA Tour officials to inspect Tiger Woods’ driver to determine if it was regulation.

Pernice is Vijay’s best friend on the tour. Many suspect that Singh put Pernice up to it.

Is Vijay so desperate to stay on top that he’s playing mind games with his competition?

Or is it coincidence?

Vijay is certainly not the most popular guy on tour. And he’s not popular with the media, either. His comments a couple of years ago about Annika Sorenstam didn’t help.

But I don’t think its fair to ascribe every little incident to a sinister Fijian plot. It’s entirely possible that he really did think that the greens were dinked up by someone’s cleats.

I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.





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