Singh tops Golfweek Performance Index

For the first time since it began in 2000, the Golfweek/Saragin performance index someone other than Tiger Woods at #1: Vijay Singh. Tiger still is in first in the official World Golf rankings, which uses a two year rolling format. The Golfweek / Saragin ranking tracks performance over one year. It’s that difference that accounts for the variation in who’s at #1. In the World golf rankings, Tiger is still riding his performances of two years ago.

I propose the Golf Blogger “What have you done for me lately” (TM) rankings. In this one, players would be ranked according to their average finish in the last 10 tournaments. Missing the cut, or not playing at all earns you a 60. The player with the lowest score is #1. This works for me because I recognize that, like baseball, golf is a streaky game. The guy who is on top of his game this week, might not be so in a month.

Singh tops Golfweek Performance Index –

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