Six Core Moves To Improve Your Golf Game

In this video, fitness Guru Tony Horton offers a series of six core moves for strengthening the core, improving balance and increasing flexibility. Core work seems to be at the “core” of so much in health and fitness.

Having a strong core helps to prevent injuries. especially to the back. Strong cores contribute to balance, helping to prevent falls. A strong core builds good posture. Core muscles support the spine, which is the center of your nervous system. A strong core also

Core work, however, is not necessarily going to give you washboard abs. That’s going to require losing the layer of fat that covers them up.

More on the benefits of a strong core here from the Harvard School of Medicine.

As I push further into my fifties, I have become a true believer in the benefits of fitness, not only for golf, but also for just general living. I have seen too many of my older friends, contemporaries and even people younger than I groan as they get out of chairs, huff up a set of stairs, and blow out backs bending over to pick up a small object. Time and our own genetics get us all, but I am determined not to go gentle into that good night. I want to continue to walk the course at age ninety.


Core Moves

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