Sligo Performance Jacket Review

Sligo Performance Jacket Review
Sligo Performance Jacket Review

Sligo Performance Jacket

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Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: A perfect winter golf jacket

The Sligo Performance jacket is one of the few products I have tested that I loved from the first moment.

The jacket is essentially a quilted Thinsulate vest with spandex sleeves attached. It thus has all the swing freedom of a vest, with the added wind and cold protection of sleeves. Vest side panels are made of the same spandex as the sleeves, adding to the freedom of movement.

The design is, in a word, nearly perfect.

My swing is a fickle thing, waiting for any excuse to abandon me. One of my swing’s most-used excuses is the classic “you’ve got all this restrictive stuff on your arms.” Short sleeves with vests to keep my core warm are my usual golf uniform even in temperatures down to the 40s.

The Sligo, however, tricks my mercurial swing into thinking that I am still sleeveless. The jacket has a great deal of freedom of movement, both in the sleeves and in the core.

I found the jacket to offer sufficient warmth with temperatures in the low 40s. The fabric is moisture wicking, so when combined with a similarly moisture wicking base layer, I can work up a sweat while walking, but not experience that cold, wet, clammy feeling.

My one criticism of the Sligo Performance jacket is that that the collar does not lay down. While I appreciate a high collar against the cold when walking or standing around, I am conscious of it when bent over and swinging.

Still, that is a small matter when compared to the benefits of a jacket that provides sufficient warmth while still offering freedom of movement.



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