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Slix Undergarments

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Premium undergarments

When I started GolfBlogger more than six years ago, I’m sure that the furthest thing from my mind is that I would do underwear reviews. And yet, here I am writing my second review of men’s unmentionables. But here it is.

The skivvies in question this time are from a company called Slix, which bills itself as the “ultimate evolution in men’s underwear, marrying high-performance textiles with thoughtfully designed garments that literally change lives.” John Daly, their spokesman says “Slix Boxer briefs are the most ridiculously comfortable boxer briefs I’ve ever put on. When I’ve got my Slix on, t’s all good.”

Dsoe the products live up to the hype? Well, I don’t know about changing lives, but I can say that Big John is spot on. These boxers are ridiculously comfortable, even in sticky, humid, hot Michigan air.

The secret seems to be in Slix’s use of breathable, moisture wicking fabrics and a tailored fit. No swamp butt with these boxer briefs, and no rubbing or chafing, even while I walked 18 holes.

The t shirts are form fitting, and made of the same materials. To fully test it, I wore one under a golf shirt in temperature conditions when I normally am looking to shed layers, not add them. They’re tight, and form fitting, and tend to make you look a bit more trim than you actually are. I found the tightness uncomfortable at first, but quickly adjusted, and then didn’t note it at all. I also did not feel overwarm wearing it. That’s likely due to the moisture wicking properties.

The Slix products ARE expensive when compared to your Fruit of the Loom cotton boxers, but for those who have the money and who appreciate the finer things, I’m sure they’re worth it.



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4 thoughts on “Slix Underwear Review”

  1. Sent these guys an email last night after their office was supposed to be closed.  I got a response within 30 minutes, with an answer to my question.  Based on their web page, their prices are very fair for this type of underwear and shirts.  Looking forward to buying from them.

  2. I got a pair of Slix after reading this and other reviews and I don’t like them. They feel like spandex, always warm and wet feeling and just as bad, they bunch up my legs into my groin. New miracle shorts they ain’t, not in my book anyway.


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