Small World

This past weekend, I found myself in Frankenmuth, Michigan, for a car show in which my in-laws were presenting their restored 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible. Frankenmuth, which is (at least locally) famous for the Zehnder’s Chicken Restaurants is located north of Flint, about an hour and a half north from GolfBlogger World Headquarters in Ann Arbor.

I honestly don’t have a whole weekend’s worth of interest in car shows, so while my wife and kids sat with the Bel Air, wandered amongst the cars and played at the hotel pool, I took off to play a round of golf at the Zehnder resort’s “Fortress.”

After breezing through the first ten holes, I caught up with a couple of retired gentlemen on the eleventh. They told me that they were waiting on every hole for the groups ahead, and invited me to play along with them.

While waiting on the twelfth tee, we started talking and I discovered that they, too were from Ann Arbor. With their usual Saturday game rained out (its been raining daily in Ann Arbor for a week), they checked the radar, noted that the skies were clear north of Flint and decided to take a road trip to Frankenmuth. Then it turned out that their “usual game” was at the Washtenaw Country Club, where I had been a member for some years. That made the round much more pleasant, as we chatted about the course, and its recent purchase by the Polo Fields—a situation with which they were not at all happy.

Small world.

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