Snake Eyes Tour Golf Ball Review


Grade: B
Teacher’s Comments: Good value for the money

It is likely that any golfer’s reaction to the notion of a $13-a-dozen three piece ball will be to ask: what’s wrong with them?

In the case of the Snake Eyes Tour, the answer is nothing that I can detect after a couple of rounds. The Snake Eyes Tour is long enough, plays well around the green and feels good on the putter face.

Durability seems good also. I haven’t detected any unexpected cuts, scrapes or shreds.

Golf ball connoisseurs likely will claim to be able to detect subtle but significant differences between this and other manufacturers’ Tour three piece balls, but I can’t. In fact, I think it very likely that this ball is manufactured by a bigger name for the GolfSmith label. That’s often the case with “house brand” products, be they groceries or golf balls.

My only negative thought is that I don’t think it is as explosive as its predecessor, the Snake Eyes Tour Performance II. I hit that ball a country mile.

Still, I intend to go back to GolfSmith soon and pick up another couple of boxes. At $30 for three boxes (the current deal), I’d have a hard time finding even a discount Wal-Mart two piece ball.

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