Some Sunday Morning Photos From The 2022 Senior PGA

A view from the tee on the par 4 sixteenth at Harbor Shores

Some Sunday Morning Photos From The 2022 Senior PGA

I set out Sunday morning to walk Harbor Shores backwards. There was no rhyme or reason to my decision. I just wanted to see it in a different light.

Eighteen thousand steps and two and a half hours later, I finished. Harbor Shores is a beautiful golf course — and one that will happily play — but it is sprawling. The first six holes are in a cluster extending away from the clubhouse; seven through nine are isolated and alone along the beach dunes; ten through thirteen are a good cart ride from nine; fourteen through seventeen are more or less clustered together on the far side of the property. Eighteen stands alone across a road from and finishes nowhere near the clubhouse.

The best bet for the least walking is to catch players on the fourteenth and follow them in to eighteen.

A view of the sixteenth from behind the green.
A view of the tenth at Harbor Shores from the fairway.
The pinplacement Sunday on the the tenth green was just mean. It’s tucked right on the upper tier.
Michael Campbell, 2005 US Open winner, hits a shot on the twelfth. He was out early and finished +4 on the tournament.
In my “KitchenAid is everywhere” theme, I noted that even the water coolers on each tee box are KitchenAid branded.

I’ll post more later after the round. I’m headed out to the fourteenth to catch the leaders as they come in.

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