Some 2006 US Open Thoughts?

Some thoughts on the US Open … in no particular order.

  • It was a very exciting tournament. A lot of guys had a chance to be in it at the end.
  • Geoff Ogilvy has the sweetest swing I’ve seen in a long time. It looked the same on every shot that televisio showed of him.
  • The old adage that you don’t win a US Open, you survive it is still true.
  • On the last couple of holes, Phil Mickelson played some of the dumbest golf I’ve ever seen. Even I know better than to try those trick shots he tried on 18. All he had to do was pitch back to the fairway, take a long straight shot at the green, and then putt it in.
  • I was really pulling for Colin Montgomerie. The way he was playing—and with his experience in links golf—I think he has a good shot at the Open Championship.
  • Once again, the biggest story of the week was the USGA’s course. I think that the USGA does it deliberately—not to identify the best golfer—but to ensure that the media coverage remains focused on the USGA and not on the players. I think its an ego-maniacal thing for the USGA leadership.
  • I didn’t miss Tiger.
  • Phil Van de Velde?
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