Sonic Golf Club Cleaning Franchise

imageHere’s an interesting way to get into the golf business.

A company called Sonic Golf offers a golf club cleaning franchise. For your franchise fee of 15,000 pounds sterling (about $28,000), you get a set of sonic golf cleaning machines, which you place and staff at local golf clubs.

The machines use sonic vibrations in a liquid solution to clean a full set of clubs in just two minutes. The machines will clean the heads as well as the grips. I’m sure that my wife has a similar device for cleaning jewelry.

Unfortunately, the opportunity appears to be available only in the UK. I’d think that it would be a huge hit in places like Myrtle Beach that have a huge concentration of courses in a small area.

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3 thoughts on “Sonic Golf Club Cleaning Franchise”

  1. Thanks very much for the write up. We are franchising the opportunity internationally including the USA via a master franchise licence. A master licence is a higher investment but basically means that the person in the USA would effectively operate as the franchisor and control the whole of the USA. Further financial information is available on request.

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